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2024 Tournament Results

Junior High Girls

The Manhattan CHIEF Thunder A team is the 2024 NDII JH girls champions.


Final Places:

1. Manhattan CHIEF A

2. Hastings Red Tied

3. NEK Nighthawks

4. CFE Falcons

5. Reno County Sabres A

6. Cornerstone Saints

7. Golden Belt Arrows

8. Manhattan CHIEF B

9. Newton Panthers

10. SVHE Eagles

11. Reno Co Sabres B


Junior High Boys

There were three brackets of JH boys teams for 2024. 

Champions were:

NEK Nighthawks (A bracket)

Golden Belt Arrows (B bracket)

Hastings Red Tide (C bracket)


Final Places...

A Bracket

1. NEK Nighthawks A

2. Manhattan CHIEF A

3. Reno County Sabres A

4. HFC Warriors

5. Wichita Angels A

6. SVHE Eagles A

7. Cornerstone Saints A

8. Omaha Roadrunners


B Bracket

1. Golden Belt Arrows

2. Des Moines Defenders

3. NEK Nighthawks B

4. Manhattan CHIEF B

5. Wichita Angels B

6. St Joe Defenders A

7. Reno County Sabres B

8. SVHE Eagles B


C Bracket

1. Hastings Red Tide

2. CFE Falcons

3. NEK Nighthawks C

4. St Joe Defenders B

5. Sioux City Warriors

6. Manhattan CHIEF C

7. Cornerstone Saints B

8. Reno County Sabres C



High School Girls

ITwo brackets of high school girls competed for championships in 2024. 

A Bracket champions were the Northeast Kansas (NEK) Nighthawks, with Ames Vision winning the B Bracket


Final places...

A Bracket

1. NEK Nighthawks A

2. SVHE Eagles

3. Manhattan CHIEF

4. Cornerstone Saints

5. St Joe Defenders

6. Metro Warriors

7. Des Moines Warriors

8. HFC Warriors


B Bracket

1. Ames Vision

2. Reno County Sabres

3. Hastings Red Tide

4. Newton Panthers

5. NEK Nighthawks B

6. CFE Falcons

7. Des Moines Warriors B

8. Sioux City Warriors


High School Boys

Thirty-one high school boys teams competed in four brackets for championships.

Champions were:

Lincoln Eagles (A bracket)

Liberty Homeschool Alliance (B bracket)

Atchison Red Deer (C Bracket)

Reno County Sabres JV (JV Bracket)


Final places...

A Bracket

1. Lincoln Eagles

2. NEK Nighthawks

3. Manhattan CHIEF

4. Des Moines Warriors

5. Reno County Sabres

6. Omaha Roadrunners

7. HFC Warriors

8. SVHE Eagles


B Bracket

1. Liberty Homeschool Alliance

2. Cornerstone Saints

3. Hastings Red Tide

4. Newton Panthers

5. Independence Lions

6. Des Moines Defenders

7. Countryside Classics


C Bracket

1. Atchison Red Deer

2. NEK Nighthawks C

3. St Joe Defenders

4. Oskaloosa Knights

5. Sioux City Warriors

6. CFE Falcons

7. Des Moines Warriors C

8. Des Moines Defenders JV


JV Bracket

1. Reno County Sabres JV

2. Des Moines Warriors JV

3. NEK Nighthawks JV

4. SVHE Eagles JV

5. Manhattan CHIEF JV

6. Cameron Chargers

7. HFC Warriors JV

8. Omaha Roadrunners JV


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