NDII Bylaws

The National Division II Christian Homeschool Association, is a non-profit, Christian, homeschool Division II association formed for the purpose of:

* Setting standards for athletic participation for the NDIICHA basketball tournament, with a focus on eligibility standards that will ensure a level playing field.

* Develop a Christian environment and apply Biblical principles for Division II homeschool athletic competition.   

* Conduct a post-season basketball tournament, open to all teams willing to abide with the NDIICHA bylaws and guidelines.


Board of Directors A board of directors shall serve to provide guidance to NDIICHA.  The board of directors shall elect from among themselves a chairman of the board, who shall preside at all official meetings of NDIICHA.  The board shall also appoint from NDIICHA, a person, or persons, to act as secretary.  Other board appointments from NDIICHA, could include, but not be limited to, regional tournament directors, webmaster(s) for the NDIICHA website, and persons to serve out any unexpired terms of any departing board members. 

Each member of the board of directors shall serve a minimum three year term.  Upon conclusion of their term, board members shall select replacement members.  There shall be a minimum of three members serving on the board at all times. 

The board of directors shall act in behalf of the participants in all business matters, including contact with other athletic associations.  The board of directors shall be responsible to handle all disciplinary matters.  The board of directors shall be responsible in approving expenditures only for those goods and services directly needed by NDIICHA operations, while keeping a balanced budget. 

All members of the board of directors must be born-again Christians, active in a local church, and shall conduct all their duties in a manner that would bring honor and integrity to the name of Jesus, and to NDIICHA.   

Bylaws can only be changed during a meeting consisting of at least three board members.  Bylaw changes must be approved by at least 60% of voting board members. 

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