Tournament Rules

*Tournament games will be played under NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) rules with some exceptions for uniforms (see below).



The team on the top of the bracket will be home team, wearing light colored jerseys and the bottom team will be visitor, wearing dark colored jerseys.  If a team owns only one color uniforms, no technical will be given if that team does not have the correct light or dark colored jersey.  Together, coaches and officials will decide who will represent home and visitor.



For every game in which a team plays, that team will be required to provide one official worker for the Official Scoring Table. HOME TEAM will be responsible to be the Official Scoreboard and Clock Operator, unless covered by tournament staff.  The VISITING TEAM will be responsible for the Official Tournament Scorebook.  The first priority of the scorebook keeper is the official tournament scorebook, not their team scorebook.  Teams may switch scorekeeper responsibilities by mutual consent.


The Official Scoreboard and Clock Operator is responsible for clearing the scoreboard after the Official Book is closed, and setting the warm-up time for the next game (see below).  The Official Scoreboard and Clock Operator for the next game is required to be at the table before the prior game is over to keep the games on schedule and to ask the prior Official Scoreboard and Clock Operator any question on how to operate the scoring system.


Both the home and the away team will have the opportunity to have a representative from their team to keep their own team’s book at the Official Scoring Table, space permitting. The person keeping the Official Book is required to have the Referees sign the Official Book before they leave.



Game Length:  Junior High: four- Six minute quarters; High School: four- Eight minute quarters.


Game ball size: 28.5 ball - Junior High and Girls Varsity;  29.5 ball - High School Boys


Time between games will be 12 minutes and during halves will be 8 minutes.  Times between games shall stay the same unless game is running 20 or more minutes behind schedule.  Only then may times be shortened to 10 minutes between games and 5 minutes during halves.


Overtime shall consist of one three (3) minute period. If the game remains tied after the first overtime, a second three (3) minute period shall be played. If the game is still tied after the second overtime, there shall be a one (1) minute break, after which there shall be a jump ball and play will go into "sudden death" overtime, with the first team to score winning the game. During each overtime period, teams will be awarded one additional timeout.


If one team takes a 30 point lead at any point during the fourth quarter, there is to be a running clock for the remainder of the game.  Clock stops only for time-outs and injuries.


Every team needs to be at their assigned gym 20 minutes before their scheduled starting game time, suited up and ready to play. Games may start up to 15 minutes early upon the decision of ND2 staff.


For player safety, no basketballs will be allowed to be dribbled along the sidelines during game play.


Only players with immediate upcoming games allowed on court.


Teams will meet at center court prior to game start time to pray together with home team responsible to lead.


Team Responsibilities:

Home- Lead in prayer, clock and sweep floors at half time

Visitor- Official score book and clean bleachers after your game

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